My One Year Anniversary: Top 3 Ways Compass Has Elevated My Brand

My One Year Anniversary: Top 3 Ways Compass Has Elevated My Brand

  • Amanda Saunders
  • 10/8/21

Just this past month I celebrated my one year anniversary with Compass, and I could not be happier to share some of the amazing assets, opportunities, and benefits that have come with being a Compass real estate agent. Not only have I been able to continue pursuing my passions in real estate, but I have also been fortunate enough to make a career move that has enhanced my ability to advise my clients. 

As a Compass agent, we often say that the first few weeks are like drinking out of a fire hose, but in the best possible way. We are introduced to amazing colleagues, a staff of highly trained professionals whose goal is to make sure we can be the best in our jobs as we can, and welcomed into a network of nearly 20,000 agents nationwide that we can collaborate with. It’s hard to put into just a few paragraphs the ways that Compass has elevated my brand and business, but keep reading for the top three that I have enjoyed thus far. 

Marketing Team

A fantastic advantage for me when deciding to make the transition to Compass was the dedicated teams that I would have access to in support of my business. One team in particular that I utilize is the Marketing Team. Coming from different marketing expertise and backgrounds, they have the ability to help me curate marketing plans for not only my listings, but also for my personal brand. They give me access to talented graphic designers who create custom marketing pieces like brochures, ads, and even branded promotional items. They are also a great resource to work on plans for marketing my listings to a wider audience. 

The Compass Marketing Team also offers a great a la carte resource to me that allows me to promote my brand through various custom marketing pieces every month. As a real estate agent, the support is amazing, and it’s even better that I can share this with my clients so that their homes can be marketed in a thought-out and professional manner.

Speaking of Marketing, over the past few month's I have worked with a skilled videographer to showcase my brand in an engaging new away. Watch the full video below! 

Agent Experience Team

Another instrumental resource that has helped me to elevate my brand is my Agent Experience Team. This group of individuals within the Compass staff are truly the liaison between me and all of the other teams. Their goal is to empower agents to take away the stress of day-to-day business, and to allow us the time to strengthen our client relationships. For me, having my Agent Experience Manager has been a game changer in understanding my resources with Compass and making a seamless transition from my previous brokerage. 

In addition to the knowledge they help us to gain about Compass in general, they are also our experts when it comes to our tools and resources. The best thing about working with them is there are no silly or small questions-- the attitude they show is always supportive no matter what. They even work with me to assist with organizing and executing my yearly business plans. 

End To End Compass Platform 

Last but certainly not least is what Compass calls their end to end platform, it’s the resources we have access to all housed in one simple to use website for agents and staff. This includes aspects of the platform such as Marketing Center, which is the constantly updated system that agents can use to build beautiful, professional looking marketing materials with just a few clicks and some customization. Our regional and national teams supply us with great templates and assets that we can post on our social media accounts, print to share with clients, or even mail out as postcards to promote our listings. 

We also have access to a system called Action Plans, which has revolutionized the way we form and cultivate client relationships. It gives me a place to keep notes about client interactions, make sure I’m following up with and keeping my clients in the know, and gives me a point of accountability to see the progress of my business. Finally, within our end to end platform is the most intuitive resource of all, our CRM. The CRM is unlike any other, we have a place where we can keep our client’s and colleagues contact information, birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, and much more. This links seamlessly with our other resources, so I can share my newsletter or any business updates with just a few clicks all within our Compass platform. 

If something within this blog post sparked your interest, please contact me. As I begin my second year at Compass, my goal is to expand my team so that I can continue to support my current and future clients. If you’d like the opportunity to list or purchase a home using the great Compass resources that I have to offer, please send me a message.

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